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Educational Psychologis  - Work with an educational psychologist via e-mail advice and joint problem solving, or locate an educational psychologist who will make an assessment of your child.  Problems with reading, writing, spelling, specific learning difficulties/dyslexia, behavior, ADD and ADHD, general learning difficulties, language delay and disorder, physical difficulties, Autistic spectrum disorders, other disorders and syndromes.


Dr Doug -  * Addiction * Bipolar * Counseling * Depression * Marriage * Parenting * Psychology * Self Improvement * Shame * Troubled Teens * - The definitive online directory for complementary therapists - find practitioners in your area, background information about different types of alternative medicine, useful links, suppliers, books and much more!


Order In Menu Site - Restaurants frequently distribute printed menus for delivery orders. For many years, I have run all over the house trying to find a menu to order in --- frustrating! With technology advancing and the internet becoming a common fact in homes, why not have a site that
saves money for small businesses and allows your customers to access your menu ONLINE? Your customers will love not having to look for menus!

Dream Team - Dream Team is a group of people who have developmental challenges who are working to make our community a more welcoming

 and Supportive place for every one.


National UK Therapists Register - To have your link included onto this page simply put ours on your site first then submit this form to us indicating where we can find our link. Please allow a few days for a reply. Only sites that return a link to our home page will be added. Thanks.


Self - This program is designed for Self Improvement and Self Help Websites to increase their traffic substantially by targeting an audience of individuals and companies who share a common interest in Self Improvement, Personal Growth, Human Development and Self Help on the web..


Free Web Directory - Including Anger Management Resources, Offer automatic, instant and free site submissions.


Search Ramp - Submit your web site for free to this directory


Enfin - directories, search engines and metasearch


Teen Anger Management .Com - Help for parents dealing with a problem teen; defiant, failing school, drug abuse; substance abuse info; residential treatment and behavior modification programs for teens


At Home Tests - Home Health Test Kits - At Home Tests provides self-administered at home/office health check test kits and monitoring systems. Each of the health test kits available on At Home Tests is safe, convenient and accurate.


Support Reach - out - Reach Out Magazine is more than just a Web magazine, it's a meeting place for people with dis ABILITIES all over the world. In addition to a complete online version of Reach Out Magazine, the Subscribers area also contains live chat, personals, message boards, members only mailing list and more! Now it's

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